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    Beyond the Lights

    Beyond the Lights

    Want to be merry this Christmas without the environmental hangover?

    It’s easy to get caught up in the celebrations and relax the standards that we hold ourselves to throughout the year. Here are some interesting facts and tips to reduce your festive footprint.
    1. Christmas trees
    There are a number of ways to minimise the impact of the all-important Christmas tree that can be found here These include:
    • Using artificial trees you already have for as long as possible or buying second-hand ones from online retailers as fake trees have a higher environmental impact that real trees.
    • Buying a certified organic tree from a registered retailer;
    • Growing your own tree;
    • Recycling real trees through your local council or;
    • Renting a tree.
    2. Gifts and Decorations
    The gift that keeps on giving…to the environment! Some easy changes that can avoid a whole heap of waste!
    • Buying energy efficient electrical equipment gifts
    • Re-using wrapping paper where possible
    • Buying good quality toys that can be passed on to younger family members, friends or charity shops
    • Why not make your secret santa swap from a second hand store or charity shop…Get creative and enjoy some major Lol’s!
    • Buying or making your own Christmas crackers with with jokes and hats but without the useless plastic toys inside and recycle the paper and plastic afterwards
    3. Christmas Dinner
    Reducing the impact of Christmas dinner doesn’t mean going without…some very small changes that can reduce waste are:
    • Preparing the right amount of food to avoid too much waste
    • Let people help themselves rather than dishing it out as food left on plates gets binned instead of being eaten as left-overs.
    • Go green! Going meat free can reduce your carbon footprint significantly, with so many alternatives out there you can have your Tofurky and eat it too!
    • So cheesy…Avoid too much cheese as it has a very high carbon footprint.
    With family and friends coming together, what better time than Christmas to encourage others to adopt more sustainable habits and understanding about our impacts on the planet. Not only can these actions help reduce the carbon footprint of your Christmas, but they can be a catalyst for positive conversation on the need to extend the love we have for our family to the world we live in.

    Merry Christmas

    Thoreau xx

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