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    Thoreau Inside

    Thoreau Inside

    Melbourne Launch Event


    As some of you may have noticed on our social feeds, I recently travelled back to my hometown Melbourne for an intimate event to launch our collection and introduce Thoreau to Australia. The evening was a success and was a great way to showcase the collection and speak to people about what we are trying to achieve.

    However, I was struck by how much the city itself was moving in a similar direction – which of course was a pleasant if not at all unexpected discovery.

    Now, for the record there is nothing like the vibrancy, the diversity and sheer energy of London. But Melbs does tend to excel in particular areas such as restaurants, gastro-pubs and of course…coffee!

    On the recent trip though, I was taken with how progressive it has become in terms of its vegan cuisine offerings. Most major cities are moving in this direction now as we all become more informed about what we are eating and where it comes from. But the range of vegan options in Melbourne and the general cultural adoption of this new way of viewing food and health is definitely at the forefront. Little wonder it was recently titled ‘Vegan capital of the World’ Two cafes that stood out were Serotonin in Richmond and Matcha Mylkbar in St Kilda.

    Similarly, the Australian fashion industry continues to open up to a more sustainable/ethical ethos. We are looking forward to developing our brand out there and continuing our work to help promote positive change.

    We love you Melbourne, see you soon.

    XX Hannah ( Co-founder of Thoreau)


    P.s. We are now offering free shipping to our Aussie customers!!

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