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    Evidence indicates that the single most important factor affecting Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions across a garment's life comes during its 'use' phase with laundering in particular accounting for between 40-80% of total emissions!

    At Thoreau we are not just committed to reducing GHG emissions of our garments during production but getting the word out there that we can all do something by making a few minor changes. Here are a few tips..



    Studies show that around 85% of dry cleaners use the chemical known as ‘Perc’ that is banned from food and pharmaceutical industries and has been linked to a number of human health issues as well as air pollution. We suggest you use a green professional cleaner who uses non-toxic, environmentally safe alternatives and does not use Perc, hydrocarbons or D-5 cleaners. 

    We recommend the following in London…
    BLANC-NATURALLY CLEANER - Notting Hill and Marylebone



    Add a cruelty-free organic-based detergent free of fragrance, optical brighteners, chlorine and phosphates to a sink of cold water. Place your item into the water and gently move it around in a swirling motion for a few minutes and then drain. Refill the sink with clean, cold water. Rinse your garment by swirling it around once more, and then softly squeeze it to remove excess water, making sure you do not wring or twist, as this can distort the shape. Reshape the garment on a dry towel. Coil the towel up with the garment inside pressing as you go, to help remove any remaining excess water. To finish make sure you Reshape the garment, and then lay it flat on a clothes rack or on a fresh towel to air dry.



    Consider whether your clothes are definitely ready to be washed and that you have enough laundry to warrant a full load. Wash in cold water (not warm). Choose a cruelty-fee plant-based detergent free of fragrance, optical brighteners, chlorine, and phosphates which are all bad for us and the environment. Some Laundry Detergents/powders we like are: Bio-D, Ecover and Ecozone. Hang or lay flat to dry.



    Many Fabrics can be steamed and ironed however we suggest always testing a small area before you proceed to steaming or iron the garment. For any fabrics with a sheen or shine do not iron. We recommend Wet Cleaning.

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